Our normal service offering includes the stripping of the old linings from the shoes, (we strip with percussion air hammers and never drill out any old rivets), we do a visual inspection for any damage that might render the shoe to be scrapped, in which case the Fleet Owner will be informed, and we can replace the scrapped shoe. We always return any scrap items for record and auditing purposes. All shoes are de-greased and cleaned with a wire brush, before being spray painted. The face / contact area underneath the lining is sanded down to ensure proper bedding and contact between the lining and shoe during the riveting process. We use fully tubular rivets as recommended and supplied by the lining suppliers.

All relined shoes are again visually inspected for quality before leaving the workshop. The following items are checked and inspected:

  • There shall be no evidence of any cracks in the linings.

  • The lining shall not be askew to the back plate.

  • There shall be no separation of the lining from the brake shoe.

  • The leading edge of the lining shall be on the correct side.

  • The diameter of the rivet head shall not be obviously smaller than the diameter of the lining hole when correctly seated.

  • The rivet head shall not be flush or proud of the lining.

  • There shall be no damage to the rivets.

  • The rivets shall not be loose.

  • There shall be no sign of the rivet hole on the underside of the brake shoe.