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HARD BULK specializes in providing quality parts and maintenance for brakes, clutches, suspension components, bushes and airbrakes. We are a well-known and established business, which provides excellent service, competitive pricing, and business integrity.We recondition brake shoes, skim brake drums, remanufacture brake callipers, and supply and repair clutches and clutch kits and skim fly wheels. You can rely on HARD BULK to support your fleet of trucks and trailers.

HARD BULK offers products that are of the highest quality and are sourced from leading original equipment manufacturers. To reduce your downtime, we carry stock, and have a one day turn around service.

HARD BULK has built up an enviable reputation in the market for friendly service, quick turn-around time, best quality, and competitive pricing.

Our MISSION is to establish long term business relationships through proper management, strategic positioning, quality service and highest business ethics.

HARD BULK’S services include but is not limited to:

• Reconditioning of Brake Shoes.

• Supply of new Shoes and Linings.

• Skimming of Brake Drums.

• Supply of New Brake Drums.

• Supply of Brake Pads.

• Brake Shoe Bonding.

• Supply of any other Brake System Components such as Springs, Pins, Rollers, Slack Adjusters, S-Cams, Boosters, Valves, Hoses, etc.

• New and Remanufactured Clutches, including Pilot Shaft Bearings, Thrust Bearings, and Rear Main Oil Seals.

• Skimming of Fly-Wheels.

• Supply of New Fly-Wheels.

• Recondition Brake Callipers on Front/Steering Axles.

• Recondition Torque Arms, Stabiliser Arms/Rods and V-Stays.

• Supply of V-Stay and Torque Arm Bushes and Stabilizer Bushes.

• Recondition Air Compressors.

• Supply of New Air Compressors.

• Supply of Tie-Rods, Draglinks, Tie-Rod Ends, Viscous Fan Couplings, Fans, Stabiliser Bushes, Engine and Gearbox Mountings

We are very cost conscious and understand that Fleet Owners have to shop around for the best prices whilst at the same time have to be mind-full of the total cost of ownership. No point in fitting cheaper linings, that wears down the drums quicker and ultimately leads to more frequent replacement and down time. To this point we can offer a range of Linings, depending on Customer Requirements, Budget and Availability from Suppliers.

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